Tropical Fruits: From Cultivation to Consumption & Health Benefits, Fruits from the Amazon

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Fruits from the Amazon region are highly appreciated for their exotic characteristics and have been a subject of interest and research since European pioneers discovered this rainforest. Numerous edible fruits from the Amazon region are considered to be rich sources of protein, though their bioactive metabolites are not used wisely worldwide despite being partly consumed by local communities. However, some of them are globally recognised and commercialised, such as guarana, acai, chestnuts from the Amazon (Brazilian nuts), and cacao. Some other exotic fruits like babacu, bacuri, buriti, euterpe, camu-camu, cupuacu, cubiu, dende, graviola, piquia, pupunha and tucuma may be better exploited in order to be aggregated to feed the general population. The application of these fruits was always explored by the traditional medicine of pre-Colombian tribes living in the Amazon region; however, the modern pharmaceutical industry is showing great interest in these fruits as a source of potential bioactive molecules with potential applications in the treatment of several diseases, including some types of cancers, diabetes, Alzheimers disease, the control of blood pressure, etc., Perhaps this is a realisation of Hippocrates dream -- that one day our food will be a form of medicine.

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