Tribal Development in India: Challenges and Prospects in Tribal Education


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Tribal development is one of the most important yet underperforming initiatives of the Indian government. For any effort in this direction to succeed, an effective tribal educational programme is necessary. However, major gaps in the implementation of this programme, along with factors such as corruption and political interference, have contributed to severe malfunctioning and ineffectiveness of the Tribal Ashram schools, a residential school system. It is essential to understand these gaps from policy, design, funding, management, monitoring and evaluation perspectives for ensuring effective service delivery to tribal learners.

Tribal Development in India: Challenges and Prospects in Tribal Education is a detailed presentation of the multi-pronged effort towards the educational development of India's tribal population. It includes contributions from academicians and professionals belonging to diverse domains, such as social work, education and administration, and involved in tribal education. The perspectives shared through this book will prove helpful for all stakeholders involved in tribal empowerment through education.

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