Thymosins in Health and Disease: Second International Symposium, Volume 1194

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This volumes features contributions on the latest advances in thechemistry, biology and clinical applications of the thymosins fromleading scientists and clinicians working in the field. The use ofchemically defined and synthesized molecules, rather than crude orpartially purified extracts has enabled scientists working in thisfield to acquire definitive information on the molecular biology,immunology and potential clinical applications of this importantclass of BRMs. Paper in this volume cover a wide range of topics including: advances in the structure, design, immunology andmolecular biology of thymosin alpha 1 (T 1), prothymosin alpha(ProT ) and thymosin beta 4 (T 4). an exploration of role of the thymosins in cardioprotection,neuroplasticity, stem cells, wound healing, inflammation andangiogenesis clinical applications of T 1 and other BRMs a look at the current status of translational trials withT 4 in areas of wound repair, cardiovascular disease,epidermolysis bullosa and eye injuries. The availability of synthetic thymosins enables both researchersand clinicians to acquire definitive information on the immunology,pharmacology and emerging clinical applications of T 1 andT 4. Clinicians will be particularly interested in themost recent reports of clinical responses and diagnosticapplications. This volume will also be of keen interest to biochemists,pharmacologists, immunologists and other basic scientistsinterested in acquiring information on the state of the art of thelatest purification procedures, the chemical characterization,pharmacokinetics, immunopharmacology, and molecular biology of thethymosins alone or in combination with other BRMs and standardtherapies. NOTE: Annals volumes are available for sale as individual booksor as a journal. For information on institutional journalsubscriptions, please visit ACADEMY MEMBERS: Please contact the New York Academy of Sciencesdirectly to place your order ( Members of the NewYork Academy of Science receive full-text access to the Annalsonline and discounts on print volumes. Please visit more information about becoming a member.

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