This Green and Growing Land: Environmental Activism in American History

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From Benjamin Franklin's campaign to combat pollution at the Philadelphia's docks in the 1750s to the movement against climate change today, American environmentalists have sought to protect the natural world and promote a healthy human society. In This Green and Growing Land, historian Kevin Armitage shows how the story of American environmentalism-part philosophy, part social movement--is in no small way a story of America itself, of the way citizens have self-organized, have thought of their communities and their government, and have used their power to protect and enrich the land. Armitage skillfully analyzes the economic and social forces begetting environmental change and emphasizes the responses of a variety of ordinary Americans-as well as a few well-known leaders-to these complex issues. This concise and engaging survey of more than 250 years of activism tells the story of a magnificent American achievement-and the ongoing problems that environmentalism faces.

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