The Shoulder: Theory and Practice

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The Shoulder: Theory & Practice presents a comprehensive fusion of the current research knowledge and clinical expertise that will be essential for any clinician from any discipline who is involved with the assessment, management and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions of the shoulder.

This book is a team project-led by two internationally renowned researchers and clinicians, Jeremy Lewis and Cesar Fernandez-de-las-Penas. Other members of the team include over 100 prominent clinical experts and researchers. All are at the forefront of contributing new knowledge to enable us to provide better care for those seeking support for their shoulder problem. The team also comprises the voices of patients with shoulder problems who recount their experiences and provide clinicians with important insight into how better to communicate and manage the needs of the people who seek advice and guidance.

The contributing authors include physiotherapists, physical therapists, medical doctors, orthopedic surgeons, psychologists, epidemiologists, radiologists, midwives, historians, nutritionists, anatomists, researchers, rheumatologists, oncologists, elite athletes, athletic trainers, pain scientists, strength and conditioning experts and practitioners of yoga and tai chi. The cumulative knowledge contained within the pages of The Shoulder : Theory & Practice would take decades to synthesise.

The Shoulder: Theory & Practice is divided into 42 chapters over three parts that will holistically blend, as the title promises, all key aspects of the essential theory and practice to successfully support clinicians wanting to offer those seeing help the very best care possible. It will be an authoritative text and is supported by exceptional artwork, photographs and links to relevant online information.

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