The Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide To: Respect: Your Action Plan to Create Your Own Safe and Fabulous Place in the World

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Dear Severson Sisters Super Girl:

We know that growing up can sometimes feel like a maze. The middle-school maze is probably the biggest maze of all. There are friends who may not always treat you like a friend. There are days you want to try something totally new, but don't know how to. There are days you say things about yourself that are not super nice.

Severson Sisters created The Super Girl Guide To: Respect because we work with girls like you.

We help girls like you through the maze. We'll help you jump-start your confidence, learn what respect is all about, and have so much fun along the way!

And the best news of all, The Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide To: Respect helps you understand what to do if you're being bullied. We give you tips on what to do if you see a friend being bullied. And we help you understand if you are bullying someone else.

Every Super Girl needs a trusted adult Supporter. Find yours, and together you'll feel so much better about the middle-school maze to life.

It's best if you sit down with your Supporter as you work through The Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide To: Respect . Your Super Girl Supporter will ask you questions about school, your friends, and your after-school activities.

Super Girls are all about respect, and you're going to have so much fun once you start this guide. Enjoy it and celebrate all things super about you!

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