The Science of Service: The Proven Formula to Drive Customer Loyalty and Stand Out from the Crowd

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When it comes to customer satisfaction, consistency is king-not the customer.

While it's been proven that customer satisfaction can greatly impact many financial aspects of a business-from cash flow to profitability and share price-most companies have not considered the science behind customer service or built a system for it. With Mark Colgate's FAME model-standing for Framework, Accountability, Moments , and Endurance -companies and organizations will be able to differentiate themselves, and create a unique approach that will communicate their service brand to their customers in a compelling, clear, and memorable manner.

Colgate's model demands effort, innovation, practice, and endurance, but it will also empower readers to distinguish their businesses among competitors, win over customers even when they're proving difficult, and help companies achieve service fame. Backed by case studies and scientific research, this book will help readers to understand the science, tools, and frameworks needed to create their own consistently high-calibre customer service for their organizations, boosting annual returns as a result.

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