The Savage Truth on Money

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Smart strategies for taking control of your money from bestselling author and personal finance expert Terry Savage—the new, fully updated third edition.

The Savage Truths on Money are time-tested, but new technologies and techniques make it easier and more profitable to make your money work for you! Now, financial success can be achieved simply and automatically through new apps, tools, and access to low-cost money management tools and advice. Living in financial security—not constantly worrying about education costs, medical bills, or having enough money saved for retirement—is within anyone’s reach. 

In this new edition of The Savage Truth on Money, author Terry Savage shares the time-tested truths of financial security, guides you on redirecting your finances, and helps you create a financial plan for your future—using all the resources of technology, the best people in the financial planning industry, and your own informed judgment. This must-have resource is a roadmap for navigating today’s economic reality on the way to your best possible financial future. This invaluable guide will help you:

  • Take responsibility for your own financial future, using technology to improve your financial decision-making  
  • Control your spending and deal with debt, protect your assets, and grow your savings
  • Learn the basic truths about money, markets, and human emotions—and how to use that knowledge to your advantage
  • Find financial advisors you can trust—fiduciaries who will put your interests first, and save you money on costs
  • Make a realistic plan for college without being buried in debt—and deal with existing student loans
  • Create—and reach—retirement goals that allow you to enjoy your financial success

Whether you're just starting out and unsure of your next steps, or you’re worried about how you'll manage your investments and plan your retirement, the third edition of The Savage Truth on Money is your one-stop guide for taking control of your finances today and reaping the benefits tomorrow.

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