The Red House

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Twenty years ago, Joseph Flowers murdered his parents and younger brother in cold blood, before spending the night at a friend's house as if nothing had happened, then crashing his car into a tree. Since that night, Joseph has been in a coma, and the family farm has become known as the Red House. The place where the walls were covered in blood.

The only person to escape the massacre was Joseph's five-year-old sister, Eve. Now living her life with a new identity, she finally feels like she's put her horrific past behind her.

Eve was the only one to witness her family's murder, and she has never known why Joseph snapped all those years ago - but when she is faced with the decision of keeping her unresponsive brother alive, or letting him die, it might be her last chance to find out.

As she pieces together what happened that night, she will have to question everything she understood to be true, including her brother's guilt, the stories she's been told about her parents, and her own innocence.

Because Eve may be a survivor, but she might also be a liar.

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