The Physics of Rainclouds


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This book was first published in 1962, at a time when the meteorological study of cloud physics was gaining increasing prominence, largely due to numerous technological advances. Within this volume, Professor N. H. Fletcher introduces the less expert reader to these impressive developments in the study of cloud physics, whilst also constructing an indispensable collection of references for those with a more concentrated interest in the field. Throughout the book, Fletcher's emphasis is on microphysical processes in cloud development and the production of precipitation. He writes engagingly on the dynamics and microphysics of clouds, the microstructure of non-freezing clouds, the processes of ice formation and the artificial modification of clouds, amongst other topics. Accordingly, this book will be of great interest to any modern physicists wishing to glean an idea of how the advanced study of cloud physics was first conducted, and how the first conclusions were drawn.

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Cambridge University Press
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