The Parent's Complete Guide to Soccer


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Everything parents need to know, from shin guards to shooting to sideline behaviour. Watching your little ones scurry up and down the field, chasing a grass-stained soccer ball, is fun - but actually understanding the game they're playing makes viewing from the sidelines even better. "The Parent's Complete Guide to Soccer" will teach you the fundamentals of the game - rules, field setup, positions - as well as the role parents should play, whether it's coaching and managing a team, or simply following proper cheering etiquette. With simple, step-by-step instructions for teaching the most important skills and tactics, "The Parent's Complete Guide to Soccer" also offers ways to ensure that your mini Mia Hamm or diminutive David Beckham will safely enjoy the game and avoid any burnout. In addition, this miracle manual includes ways to help you determine the right level of play for your child, and even incorporates beneficial nutrition, conditioning, and first-aid tips. In no time you'll be ready to round up the kids, hop in the car, and head off to their next practice, knowing you'll be much more familiar with your child's favourite sport.

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Rowman & Littlefield
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