The Paradoxes of Self-Determination in the Cameroons under United Kingdom Administration: The Search for Identity, Well-Being an

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This volume deals essentially with the rise and evolution of the nationalist movements in the British Northern Cameroons and Southern Cameroons (the Cameroons), the factors that conditioned those movements, and how and why their results came to be as they were. The main theses establish in this work are: that the United Nations decisions on the plebiscite questions denied the British Cameroonians the right to self-determination; that whatever the electorate voted for in the plebiscites, it was not for the United Nations plebiscite questions; that, as from 1953, the traditional authorities and rulers played a more important role in conditioning the nationalist movements than the modern or political leaders, although in the end the political leaders manipulated the events and had things their own way; and that after independence, the British devolved power on the wrong group of leaders, the political.

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