The Moral of the Story: An Anthology of Ethics Through Literature

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In "The Moral of the Story", Peter and Renata Singer draw on some of the best works of fiction, playwriting, and poetry in order to shed light on the perennial questions of ethics. A vivid montage of literature that touches on a broad range of ethical subjects and themes, this work: offers a unique contribution to the study of moral philosophy and literature; demonstrates how literary sources can add richness to discussions of real-life moral questions and dilemmas; brings together selections and excerpts from the world's most celebrated short stories, novels, plays, and poetry; and, features substantive section introductions by Peter and Renata Singer. Peter Singer is a leading moral philosopher, widely credited with triggering the modern animal-rights movement. His collection of essays, "Unsanctifying Human Life", edited by Helga Kuhse, was published by Blackwell Publishing in 2001.

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