The Latino/a American Dream

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The "American Dream" means many things tomany people, but in general it can be said that itconnects the idea of freedom to the opportunity forprosperity and upward social mobility.

Sandra L. Hanson and John K. White havebrought together eight essays by a variety of socialscientists to explore the attitudes, experiences,and expectations of Latinos in their quest for theAmerican Dream. The Latino/a American Dream asks many timely questions, including: how doLatino/as view the American Dream? Has therecent economic downturn affected their hopesof achieving the Dream? What about recentimmigrants? What about Latina women? Howmuch success have Latino/as (across gender,ethnic, generation, and immigrant statuses) had inachieving the American Dream and how does thiscompare to other racial minorities?

The answers to these questions and more draw onsociology, political science, history, and genderstudies to paint a multifaceted portrait of Latino/aopportunity in America, both real and perceived.

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