The Asperger Social Guide: How to Relate to Anyone in any Social Situation as an Adult with Asperger's Syndrome

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′The Asperger Social Guide is a pocket sized travel guide for adults with Asperger′s syndrome exploring the social world. Genevieve and Dean have written a practical handbook based on their personal experiences. They know what people with Asperger′s syndrome need to know and write in a clear and engaging style. I endorse their explanations, tips and strategies and will be recommending The Asperger Social Guide to my adult clients and those who support them′ – Professor Tony Attwood

`This looks like a book that our social skills groups and some of our schools could use… Social skills are a big problem area for people with AS, so quality help is always needed′ - Cathy Mercer, National Autistic Society

′Overall I think that this is a very useful book and you can read the sections as and when you need to′ - Action for ASD

′[R]eaders who have already begun to grasp the basics of social interaction could learn a lot from this book′ - Asperger United

′An excellent self ′help-text′... Not a word is wasted, and as well as being highly recommended for individuals with Asperger′s Syndrome, should also be read by education professionals supporting young people with Asperger′s Syndrome in schools, colleges and universities′ - SENCO Update

The imposition of ′social skills′ teaching is sometimes seen as stemming from a negative attitude to social difference. Participation in ′activities′ might be resented by the AS community and the choice to learn and adopt neuro-typical behaviour should to be offered as an option and in a very respectful way.

This book is a self-help manual written by two AS adults who offer others the benefits of their experiences. It is suitable for private study by AS individuals and can also be used in FE and higher education establishments for support and personal development courses.

Genevieve Edmonds is a 23 year old with ′residual′ Asperger′s Syndrome, which she views as a significant gift. She works as an associate of the Missing Link Support Service in Lancashire supporting thoise ′disabled by society′ including inviduals with ASD. She speaks and writes frequently in the field of Autism, along with giving training, workshops and soon counselling. She aims to empower those with ASD, carers and professionals in the understanding of Asperger′s Syndrome as a difference rather than an impairment. She lives and works in a solution focussed way and is based in north-west England.

Dean Worton is a 31 year old high functioning individual with a very positive expression of Asperger Syndrome. He runs a very successful UK-based website for adults with Aseprger′s Syndrome and hosts real-life meet-ups around the UK for its members. His key interest is in encouraging adults to live positively and successfully with the gifts that Asperger′s Syndrome provides. He also works in administration and resides in north-west England.

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