The American Quarterhorse: An Introduction to Selection, Care and Enjoyment

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Written with the full participation of the American Quarter Horse Association - the largest equine breed registry in the world - The American Quarter Horse: An Introduction to Selection, Care, and Enjoyment is a fully illustrated manual for prospective and novice owners and riders. The American Quarter Horse is the world's most popular horse and America's oldest breed, with origins tracing back to the 1600s, along the eastern seaboard. Originally bred to fill colonists' passion for short-distance match racing, these heavily muscled, compact horses were perfectly suited to run faster than any other horse along narrow streets. As America moved west, so did the American Quarter Horse, and pioneers quickly learned of the horse's natural ability for herding cattle. This quintessential American horse has been refined over the years, his natural talents and famous dependability and athleticism enhanced. His willingness, intelligence, and disposition make him the ideal choice not only for first-time owners and recreational riders, but also for riders interested in all facets of Western, English, and racing competitions. As a show horse or trail horse, the American Quarter Horse is bound to please. Beginning with a brief history of the breed this book offers detailed advice on locating and selecting a horse, as well as stabling, feeding, grooming, and otherwise taking responsible care of the animal. Also explained are the American Quarter Horse's many uses: from informal trial riding to barrel racing, cutting, and reining; from Western horsemanship to show jumping, dressage, and racing. Each activity is clearly defined - including what it is that judges look for in the showring. With itseasily accessible reference material, The American Quarter Horse is the indispensable guide for anyone interested in owning and riding America's favorite horse.

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