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Jeroen Martens, Director of the Sterckshof Silver Museum in Antwerp, describes the work of silversmiths Rob and Jaap Thalen as follows: "It is striking how father and son Thalen excel in knowledge of both traditional and contemporary techniques of the silversmith craft. The purity and apparent simplicity of their designs give their work the semblance of effortlessness. It is a testament to their excellent craftsmanship. What drives them in their work is their passion, and love, for silver. But it is their talent for design and their understanding of the possibilities of fine silver that make the work of Thalen & Thalen so special. Their most recent work is both practical and beautifully crafted in terms of purity. Their designs bring silver back into everyday life. Their work includes both unattainable art objects, as well as very accessible wine and champagne cups, cutlery, sugar bowls..." Their creations, made of the finest silver, are inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the Ardennes and the sometimes harsh climate that fashions them. The tactile surfaces of their creations are reminiscent of the harrowing landscapes, the wild brooks and sometimes even of ruptured clay left behind in a dry river bed. This is Rob and Jaap Thalen's second book and at the same time a catalogue of their exhibition in the Silver Museum.

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