Textbook Of Bioinformatics, A: Information-theoretic Perspectives Of Bioengineering And Biological Complexes

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This book on bioinformatics is designed as an introduction to the conventional details of genomics and proteomics as well as a practical comprehension text with an extended scope on the state-of-the-art bioinformatic details pertinent to next-generation sequencing, translational/clinical bioinformatics and vaccine-design related viral informatics.It includes four major sections: (i) An introduction to bioinformatics with a focus on the fundamentals of information-theory applied to biology/microbiology, with notes on bioinformatic resources, data bases, information networking and tools; (ii) a collection of annotations on the analytics of biomolecular sequences, with pertinent details presented on biomolecular informatics, pairwise and multiple sequences, viral sequence informatics, next-generation sequencing and translational/clinical bioinformatics; (iii) a novel section on cytogenetic and organelle bioinformatics explaining the entropy-theoretics of cellular structures and the underlying informatics of synteny correlations; and (iv) a comprehensive presentation on phylogeny and species informatics.The book is aimed at students, faculty and researchers in biology, health/medical sciences, veterinary/agricultural sciences, bioengineering, biotechnology and genetic engineering. It will be a useful companion for managerial personnel in the biotechnology and bioengineering industries as well as in health/medical science.

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