TERRORISM: Commentary on Security Documents Volume 108: EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION

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Volume 108 of Terrorism: Commentary on Security Documents tackles the contentious issue that appears in the volume's title: "Extraordinary Rendition". Although many commentators and publications have focused on the U.S. policy of such troubling transfers, little focus has been devoted to the reaction to this policy by the rest of the world. In this volume, new General Co-Editor Aziz Huq both presents the key documents demonstrating that reaction and comments authoritatively on what those documents mean for the future of torture-based international transfers. For ease of research, Huq has divided the volume into two sections: the first deals with U.N. and E.U. responses to the U.S. policy, including a case before the U.N. Committee Against Torture, and the second section tours the reports and cases on rendition that have arisen from national jurisdictions, specifically Italy, Sweden, the U.K., ireland, and Canada.

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