Technology, the Global Economy and Other New Challenges for Civil Justice


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This is a fresh and stimulating book on new challenges for civil justice. It brings together leading experts from across the world to discuss relevant topics of civil justice from regional, cross-border, international and comparative perspectives. Inter alia, this book will focus on multinational rules and systems of dispute resolution in the era of a global economy, while also exploring accountability and transparency in the course of civil justice. Transnational cooperation in cross-border insolvency, regionalism in the process of recognition and enforcement of foreign titles, and the application of electronic technologies in judicial proceedings, including new types of evidence also play a major role.

Technology, the Global Economy and other New Challenges for Civil Justice is a compact and accessible overview of new developments in the field from across the world and written for those with an interest in civil justice.

With contributions by Koichi MIKI, Frederique FERRAND, Margaret WOO, Christoph A. KERN, Athanassios KAISSIS, Linda SILBERMAN, Yulin FU, Daniel MITIDIERO, Georg KODEK, Jun'ichi MATSUSHITA, Ronald A. BRAND, Tanja DOMEJ, Francisco VERBIC, Moon-Hyuck HO, Etsuko SUGIYAMA, and Joan PICO I JUNOY

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