Superjuicing: More Than 100 Nutritious Vegetable and Fruit Recipes

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For the legions of health-conscious readers and those trying to lose or maintain weight, this comprehensive book presents a near-painless, appetising programme to getting on track with the nutrient-dense approach to eating that brings pleasant and lasting results. Superjuicing will appeal to parents of young children who have the challenge of encouraging adequate vegetable intake. It also provides detailed information on the health benefits of juicing, the basics on how to juice foods and how to whip up delicious recipes - drinks, desserts, entrees, and even meal replacements - using a specialised juicer or simple blender. The link between chronic disease and diet is well known, yet only recently have many people decided to focus on nutrient-dense foods or superfoods. The challenge is how to use these foods regularly at home, and Superjuicing reveals the easy way to do just that. Readers can plan meals around healthy juice entries starting with simple healthy beverages and expanding the basic juice concept for creating healthy entrees and desserts. The book incorporates using these nutrient-rich foods in combinations for maximising the nutritional benefits of each food. This nutrient-rich programme translates into obtaining the highest level of nutrients and phytochemicals in the least amount of calories and reduces risk for chronic disease and obesity. In addition to the 100 recipes, Superjuicing includes: How the foods used in juicing can help to prevent diseases and cancers; Benefits of healthy carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals; Phytochemicals and antioxidants in health and disease; How to use high-impact additives and super enhancers; Blenders and juicers (centrifugal, single- and double-auger); Recommended thinning agents (e.g. coconut water) and their advantages; Nutrition tips and food safety concerns. Superjuicing is written by a professional nutritionist who provides a complete and comprehensive nutritional analysis for each recipe in the book.

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