Stone Circles: A Modern Builders Guide to the Megalithic Revival

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Stone Circles is a book to help alchemists, dowsers, amateur archeologists and archoe-astronomers, heavy-lift engineers, and backyard builders answer some of life's biggest questions.

Rob Roy has traveled the Anglo/Celtic world to learn the hows and whys of stone circle construction. He investigates the remarkable accomplishments (many still unexplained) of his ancestors. And he examines the methods of contemporary practitioners, himself included, and present hard-to-find information on how to move and align giant stones. Along the way he introduces us to fascinating characters and spins some great yarns about megalithic culture, old and new.

Stone Cirlces, filled with amazing photos and personal anecdotes, will be a welcome tonic for imagination. Who were the designers and engineers of the ancient circles? And who are these moderen revivalists of mysterious arts and techniques? What motivates them? What are their rewards?

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Chelsea Green Publishing Co
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