Stem Cells in Disease Pathogenesis

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The normal functioning of the human female reproductive system is sacrosanct, as it allows for the essential nurturing of offspring. Conditions such as endometriosis and fibroid formation can have devastating consequences to the progeny, as well as the parents, both physically and mentally. This book has several chapters that deal with the role of stem cells in the safer outcome of pregnancies. Mesenchymal stem cells continue to make waves as various researchers dwell on their low immunogenicity to prevent graft rejection when used for therapeutic strategies. Dental pulp-derived stem cells are being sought after to address many therapies. However, researchers must exercise ethical caution to avoid resorting to pulling out the teeth of live, healthy animals, including those qualified for pets. The efficacy of cancer treatments with naturally occurring plant-derived substances and the characterization of cancer stem cells and lesions continue to engage researchers of this ever-perennial disease and its potentially lethal pathology. Stem cells to replenish the pancreatic islet cells from induced pluripotent stem cells are an actively pursued subject in regenerative medicine for diabetes patients. Stem cells in immune responses are also attracting researchers to investigate immune tolerance and autoimmunity.

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