Steel Data Handbook

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The book is specially planned for reducing the time required for design of Steel Structural members. It gives the properties of standard steel sections used in regular designs and also gives (i) tensile load capacity of Equal and Unequal Angle Sections; (ii) compressive strength and load capacity of single angle sections (both Equal and Unequal Angles),all I-Sections, Channel Sections, T-Sections and (iii) Moment of Resistance of all I-sections. The details of load capacities and Moments of Resistance are provided in the form of tables which are very easy to use. The tensile load capacities of angle sections are given for both yield stress and ultimate stress, for full cross-sectional area and can be used for the design of welded members. The compressive load capacities are given for a range of effective lengths starting from 1.0 m to an effective length corresponding to a slenderness ratio of 250, maximum value as per the code IS:800-2007. The Moments of Resistance for all I-sections are given for both cases, viz., low shear and high shear, considering the compression flange to be laterally supported. The book also helps in making the designs economic as all sections having the design load/moment capacities can be listed and the one with minimum weight can be selected as the design member. The book aims at increasing the efficiency of the steel structural designersaving time and simultaneously achieving economy. The students also can pick up this art while learning the subject.

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