Space Vehicle Dynamics and Control


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Space Vehicle Dynamics and Control, Second Edition continues to provide a solid foundation in dynamic modeling, analysis, and control of space vehicles featuring detailed sections covering the fundamentals of controlling orbital, attitude, and structural motions of space vehicles. A new Part 5 is a collection of advanced spacecraft control problems and their practical solutions obtained by applying the fundamental principles and techniques emphasized throughout the book.The textbook highlights a range of orbital maneuvering and control problems: orbital transfer, rendezvous, and halo orbit determination and control. Rotational maneuvering and attitude control problems of space vehicles under the influence of reaction jet firings, internal energy dissipation, or momentum transfer via reaction wheels and control moment gyros are treated in detail. It also covers the analysis and design of attitude control systems in the presence of structural flexibility and/or propellant sloshing.New topics include control moment gyros for agile imaging satellites, solar sail dynamics and control, solar sail missions for asteroid deflection, and attitude and orbit control of a large geostationary solar power satellite.This text requires a thorough knowledge of vector and matrix algebra, calculus, ordinary differential equations, engineering mechanics, and linear system dynamics and control. The first two chapters provide a summary of such necessary background material. Since some problems may require the use of software for the analysis, control design, and numerical simulation, readers should have access to computational software (i.e., MATLAB[registered]) on a personal computer. MATLAB is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.

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