Social Class and Classism in the Helping Professions: Research, Theory, and Practice

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Social Class and Classism in the Helping Professions is a supplementary text that is intended for courses in multicultural counseling/prejudice, which is found in departments of counseling, psychology, social work, sociology and human services. The book addresses a topic that is highly relevant in working with minority clients, yet has not received adequate treatment in many core textbooks in this arena.

This book provides a thorough overview of mental health and social class and how social class and classism affect mental health and seeking treatment. Social class and classism cut across all racial and ethnic minority groups and is thus an important factor that needs to be highly considered when working withadiverse clients. The book examines the differences among poverty, classism and inequality and how it affects development across the life span (from infancy through the elder years).

Most importantly, the book offers concrete, practical recommendations for counselors, students, and trainees.

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