Sex, Drugs, and Fashion in 1970s Madrid

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During the last decade of Franco's repressive rule, the Spanish outlook on sex, drugs, and fashion shifted dramatically, creating a favorable cultural environment for the return of democracy. Exploring changes in urban planning, narratives of sexual and gender identity, recreational drug use, and fashion design during the seventies, Sex, Drugs, and Fashion in 1970s Madrid argues that it was during this decade that the material and emotional conditions for the groundbreaking transition to democracy first began to develop.

Thanks in part to a mass media saturated with international trends, citizens of Madrid began to adopt practices, behaviors, and attitudes that would ultimately render Franco's military dictatorship obsolete. This cultural history examines these modest but irreversible changes in the way people lived and thought about their lives during the last decade of the regime's creed. Not a revolution necessarily, but transformational nevertheless, these changes in collective sensibility eased the political transition to democracy and the emergence of the eighties' cultural movement la Movida.

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