Science, Philology and theology in Isaac Newton's Temple of Salomon

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Isaac Newton (1642-1727) occupies, in his own right, one of the most rominent places in the history of science and indeed in the history of humanity. His contributions to physics and mathematics brought about a radical change in our vision of nature. He was also interested in alchemy, theology, chronology and history in general. Newton was particularly captivated by the beauty and the symbolic strength of the Temple of Solomon, and he tried to rescue its true measurements, which had been distorted over the centuries. In this work sees the publication, for the third time, of the Editio Princeps of the manuscript Prolegomena ad Lexici Prophetici partem secundam, in which its author proposes a new description of the structure of the Temple of Solomon, based on literary biblical and extrabiblical sources. This book offers also the English translation of the manuscript, its facsimile reproduction and a new study on science, philology and theology.

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