Scapa Flow: The Definitive Guide to Scapa Flow

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A special 3rd edition has been released to mark the 100th Anniversary of the scuttling of the German Battle Fleet (16th June 1919). This definitive guide to Scapa Flow has been expanded and updated. Scapa Flow has international acclaim as one of the top five wreck diving locations in the world. Lawson Wood's anniversary edition has been fully revised and updated to be the most comprehensive guide to Scapa Flow. The shipwrecks are a mixture of battleships, cruisers and destroyers from the German High Seas Battle Fleet scuttled towards the end of WW1. The direct action of the British Admiralty saw a further 43 ships sunk during both world war conflicts to block the entrances to Scapa Flow. For divers travelling to Scapa Flow this is an essential guide containing information on all the dive sites together with a complete historical guide. Visitors to Scapa Flow will find Lawson's guide an invaluable investment.

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