Sampling Techniques for Forest Resource Inventory

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This book provides thorough coverage of forest inventory topics for the practioner rather than the theoretician. It should be understandable to forest resource undergraduates and indispensable as a reference for the practicing professional. It brings together techniques designed for timber inventory, methods created specifically for sampling mobile wildlife populations, and other methods which can be used to inventory virtually any forest resource (vegetation, soils, water, and so on). Many of the methods discussed have been previously available only as journal articles. Sampling Techniques for Forest Resource Inventory addresses practical questions such as: How to determine needed sample size How to handle edge effect problems How to design cruises to reduce sampling errors How to inventory to estimate forest growth How to obtain the full benefits from stratification How to use auxiliary variables to inventory more efficiently and more precisely simultaneously How and when to use point sampling and how to make the point vs. plot comparison How to conduct basic wildlife inventories How and when to use 3P sampling

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