Sadhus: Holy Men of India

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This new and completely redesigned edition surveys the myriad holy men, mystics and ascetics of India: their prehistoric origins; beliefs, gods and sects; initiation, training and daily lives; appearance, practices and belongings; sacred places and festivals; austerities, the inner fire and the quest for a higher plane of being. It is a vibrant, arresting and carefully curated gallery, taking in long-haired sages, devotees of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahman, naked wanderers, silent hermits, holy warriors, painted showmen, mantra-chanting yogis, ash-clad madmen, and seekers after and pathways to Enlightenment. Dolf Hartsuiker's expert explanations, wry comments and striking, revealing photos bring to life the mysterious and varied lives of the Sadhus.

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