Rum Cocktails

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This superb little book contains a selection of 50 rum recipes, from best-loved blends such as Caribbean Breeze, Continental and Bolero to trendy new mixes such as Havana Bandana, Monkey Wrench and Hustler. The book's introduction outlines the history of rum and its new-found popularity amongst cocktail connoisseurs; then, there are guidelines on how to serve rum, the specialist equipment you will need and the best types of glasses to use. There are step-by-step instructions on the tricks of the trade, such as crushing ice, frosting glasses, making fruit twists, and steeping white rum, as well as professional bartending tips. Each recipe explains the cocktail's history and suggests suitable garnishes. Whether you are planning a fabulous cocktail party or seeking to impress your dinner guests with a cheeky aperitif, this book will help you enjoy rum in a myriad of ways. A practical guide to rum cocktails from the traditional Daiquiri, Blue Hawaiian and Beach Peach to extravagant concoctions such as Jamaica Sunday, Goldilocks and Hurricane, short histories outline the origin of each cocktail, with expert tips on how to prepare and blend the ingredients, and how to serve the finished drink. At the front of the book is a mini guide to the different types of rum on the market, from white Bacardi, Jamaican golden and rich dark Navy rum to new artisinal spiced rums, and advice on cocktail-making equipment, glasses and tricks of the trade, with expert suggestions for preparing and presenting drinks with professional-looking garnishes.

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