Robert Nozick: Property, Justice and the Minimal State

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Robert Nozicka s Anarchy, State and Utopia is one of the works which dominates contemporary debate in political philosophy. Drawing on traditional assumptions associated with individualism and libertarianism, Nozick mounts a powerful argument for a minimal 'nightwatchmana state and challenges the views of many contemporary philosophers, most notably John Rawls. Jonathan Wolffa s new book is the first full--length study of Nozicka s work and of the debates to which it has given rise. He situates Nozicka s work in the context of current debates and examines the traditions which have influenced his thought. He then critically reconstructs the key arguments of Anarchy, State and Utopia, focusing on Nozicka s Doctrine of Rights, his Derivation of the Minimal State, and his Entitlement Theory of Justice. The book concludes by assessing Nozicka s place in contemporary political philosophy.

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