RHS Pruning and Training: Revised New Edition; Over 800 Plants; What, When, and How to Prune

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Cut trees and plants at the right time - this pruning and plant training guide will show you how.

Keep your garden in top shape with RHS's guide to pruning over 800 plants, shrubs, fruit bushes, ornamental trees, and climbing plants.

RHS Pruning and Training (Revised Edition), is packed with tips and advice on keeping your plants neat, tidy, and growing. Inside you will find:

- Comprehensive guidance for pruning and training over 800 plants
- Clear artworks and step-by-step photographs to guide horticultural experts and gardening novices alike
- A practical A-Z approach, organised by plant type, displays detailed information in an easy-to-use format
- Guides to specialised techniques for each plant type, such as renovation pruning, pollarding, fruit bush training, topiary, and pinch pruning.

Gardening design is so much more than aesthetic! Knowing how to prune and shape plants correctly will help you achieve the best displays of flowers, produce bumper crops of fruit, and help your plants remain disease-free. Learn how to understand how different trees change through the seasons and the best way and time to cut them, apply best-practice techniques to different species, and gain expert insight into gardening a variety of plants.

Detailed instructions and illustrations allow novice and amateur-expert gardeners to prune and train their gardens with confidence. Author Christopher Brickel has ensured that this gardening book is an excellent quick reference guide and simple step-by-step instruction manual with illustrations to demonstrate precisely where, how, and when to make those crucial cuts.

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