Representing Clients in Mediation: A Guide to Optimal Results Based on Insights from Counsel, Mediators, and Program Administrat

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This comprehensive, 600-page book helps both experienced counsel and rookies advance their clients' cause more effectively at every stage of the mediation process. A few more examples: * Creating a plan for movement" in offers and counteroffers * Spotting the chance to arbitrage" a deal point * Using zingers" to create positional vulnerabilities for your opponent * Mediation prep and its potential for cementing client relationships * How miscommunication through numbers can cause lost opportunities * Perils of the fatigue factor" * Breaking impasse the pros and pitfalls of mediators' techniques Every chapter also includes a variety of "sidebars"standalone pieces ranging from instructive anecdotes to direct me-to-you advice on specific mediation topics. Some examples: Johnathan C. Bolton's Bad First Time" ...Why Jay Cohen Reads Tom's Mediation Brief First" ...What Maralee Eriksen Learned From Watching 40 Mediated Settlement Conferences" ...How Parties Can (Mis)communicate Through Numbers" ...and many more.

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