Recent Advances in Multimedia Signal Processing and Communications

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The rapid increase in computing power and communication speed, coupled with computer storage facilities availability, has led to a new age of multimedia app- cations. Multimedia is practically everywhere and all around us we can feel its presence in almost all applications ranging from online video databases, IPTV, - teractive multimedia and more recently in multimedia based social interaction. These new growing applications require high-quality data storage, easy access to multimedia content and reliable delivery. Moving ever closer to commercial - ployment also aroused a higher awareness of security and intellectual property management issues. All the aforementioned requirements resulted in higher demands on various - eas of research (signal processing, image/video processing and analysis, com- nication protocols, content search, watermarking, etc.). This book covers the most prominent research issues in multimedia and is divided into four main sections: i) content based retrieval, ii) storage and remote access, iii) watermarking and co- right protection and iv) multimedia applications. Chapter 1 of the first section presents an analysis on how color is used and why is it crucial in nowadays multimedia applications. In chapter 2 the authors give an overview of the advances in video abstraction for fast content browsing, transm- sion, retrieval and skimming in large video databases and chapter 3 extends the discussion on video summarization even further. Content retrieval problem is tackled in chapter 4 by describing a novel method for producing meaningful s- ments suitable for MPEG-7 description based on binary partition trees (BPTs).

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