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Rapidly Progressive Glomerulonephritis is one of the most exciting areas in renal medicine. The disease usually presents acutely, and leads to end stage renal failure in weeks or months if untreated. However, appropriate immunosuppressive therapy can dramatically improve the prognosis in many cases, such that renal failure is avoided. It is now clear that various immunopathological processes are involved, and that an accurate diagnosis is of value in guiding management. This volume aims to bring together current knowledge of both scientific and clinical aspects of RPN. Recent advances in the immunology, inflammatory mechanisms and pathology of RPGN are discussed. This is followed by consideration of the major causes of RPGN, which include Goodpasture's disease, primary systemic vasculitis and systemic lupus erythematosus. RPGN secondary to other renal and systemic diseases, and RPGN in children are also described. Finally, new approaches to treatment are reviewed. Although certain of these areas are covered in the larger textbooks of renal medicine, our aim is to provide a current overview of RPGN, in a concise volume. This should be of particular interest to nephrologists and general physicians, including those in training, but may also be of value to pathologists, immunologists, and other studying the mechanisms of renal disease. We hope that this volume will help them in the management of patients with RPGN, or in planning their research into this condition.

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