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Even with a history as rich as its naturally creamy flavor, vanilla is overlooked and taken for granted! It's high time we give this flavor its due! With dozens of recipes, "Pure Vanilla" celebrates this heavenly spice and all the complex flavors it has to offer. Even with a history as rich as its naturally dreamy, creamy flavor, vanilla is overlooked, misunderstood, and generally taken for granted! Hundreds of cookbooks wax poetic about sexy, super-popular chocolate, while vanilla sits by the sidelines. It's high time we give this not - so - plain flavor its due! With dozens of recipes and a heavenly array of textures and complimentary pairings, "Pure Vanilla" celebrates this heavenly, ambrosial spice - harvested by hand from tree-climbing orchids, no less! - and all the amazing complex flavors it has to offer. Opening with a complete history of vanilla from orchid to extract, this cookbook goes on to provide origins, varieties, and tasting notes for all the vanillas available today. Also featured are recipes for irresistibly delicious treats! Chapters include: Breakfasts: Honey-Vanilla Granola Clusters, Glazed Vanilla Bean Doughnuts, and heavenly Candied Vanilla Brown Sugar and Black Pepper Bacon. Cakes and Pies: Ultimate Vanilla Cupcakes, Vanilla Cloud Cake, and Vanilla Cream Pie. Cookies and Bars: Vanilla Snaps, Big Soft Vanilla Sugar Cookies, and Tuxedo-Creme Cookie Sandwiches. Candies and Confections: Vanilla Sea Salt Caramels, Candied Vanilla Popcorn, Frosted Vanilla Almonds, Vanilla Nougat Candy Bar Bites, and Golden-Pear Vanilla Jam. Custards and Creams: Vanilla Panna Cotta, Classic Vanilla Ice Cream, White Hot Fudge, and Nutty Vanilla Spread (aka Vanilla Nutella!). Drinks: Malted White Hot Chocolate, Vanilla Egg Creams, Vanilla Mojitos, Vanilla Martinis, and more! Plus fun DIY Projects (featured as sidebars throughout, paired with the recipes that utilize them): Homemade Vanilla Extract (it's easier than you think!), Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Beurre Blanc, Vanilla Simple Syrup, Sweet Vanilla Bean Butter, Vanilla-Bourbon Maple Syrup, and Vanilla-Infused Liqueurs. Yum!

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