Preventive Management of Children with Congenital Anomalies and Syndromes

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This unique source of reference and clinical guidance provides health professionals with an invaluable, structured approach to the preventive care of children with congenital anomalies. Over 120 disorders ranging from cerebral palsy to Down's syndrome are discussed. For each disorder there is an introductory summary of key information, followed by more detailed listing of general pediatric and speciality concerns, all structured to provide an integrated approach to patient care. For 30 common disorders, preventive management checklists are provided: these checklists provide an ongoing record of the child's medical complications and progress and they are designed to be copied or printed and placed in the medical record. The text provides details of medical complications and preventive recommendations, supported by more than 500 references. The introductory chapters provide an overview of the approach to genetic/metabolic disease and developmental disabilities, and a useful glossary is also included.

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Cambridge University Press
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