Practical Introduction to Latin Prose Composition

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Thomas Kerchever Arnold's Practical Introduction to Latin Prose Composition first appeared in 1839 and was reprinted in several editions due to popular demand, being adopted as a textbook in leading public schools. Ordained as a priest in 1827 after graduating from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1821, Arnold had studied both theology and classics, and wrote prolifically on both subjects. His first school textbook was published in 1836 and others followed steadily until his death in 1853. One of the chief merits of Arnold's classical publications was his use of contemporary works of German scholarship, to which he readily acknowledged his debt. He produced, alongside Latin and Greek textbooks, grammars of English, French, German, Italian, and Hebrew, and editions of many Greek and Latin authors. This introduction was designed to provide students with the basic tools with which to construct sentences and includes exercises on syntax and a vocabulary index.

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