Potential Health Benefits of Citrus

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During the last 10-20 years, interest in the health-promoting activity of chemicals in fruits and vegetables has increased dramatically. This book will focus on the recent research dealing with the bioactive agents in citrus. The book will cover a wide range of topics including isolation, purification, biological activities in animal and cell models, nutritional significance, and clinical trials. The chapters will mainly focus on citrus flavonoids, limonoids, and polysaccharides with emphasis on the ability of these naturally occurring chemicals to inhibit the development of cancer, heart disease, and obesity. In addition, several chapters will look at mechanism of action including antioxidant activity and effects on phase I and phase II enzymes. While there are multiple positive benefits linking citrus consumption to human health, lack of an understanding of the myths and realities of grapefruit-drug interactions have left some consumers taking certain medications in an ambiguous situation. Several chapters will concentrate on this subject and the role of furocoumarins in inhibiting the activity of drug metabolizing enzymes. The book will differ from the symposium in several key ways. One, it will contain several chapters from authors not presenting at the symposium. Two, with a three session symposium it is highly unlikely that most people will be able to attend all of the sessions. The book will contain all of the basic information presented at the symposium. Three, the book will give the authors a chance to cover details that cannot be considered during a short presentation at a meeting.

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