Political and Social Protest in Egypt

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This contains collected papers which chronicles the history of Egyptian protest groups over the last three decades."Cairo Papers in Social Science" first appeared in 1977, the year that witnessed the famous bread riots in Egypt. As the journal celebrates its 30th anniversary, Egypt also seems to be at a crossroads, as new forms of protest have been developing with the aim of challenging the existing order and inducing change. This issue includes a collection of papers delivered at Cairo Papers 30th Anniversary Symposium that deal with the different protest groups that have been active in Egypt in the last three decades, including the Kefaya movement, the Negm-Imam phenomenon, the feminist movement, Coptic activism, and the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as workers' protests, rural resistance, and the judges' call for reform.Contributors include: Nathalie Bernard-Maugiron, Marilyn Booth, Ray Bush, Francoise Clement, Rabab al-Mahdi, Sameh Naguib, Mustapha Kamel al-Sayyid, Samer Soliman, and Robert Springborg.

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The American University in Cairo Press
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