Pelvic Rehabilitation: The manual therapy and exercise guide across the lifespan

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This book presents paradigms and programs for pelvic health conditions over the lifespan from childhood to senior years, with medical pearls and storytelling. It includes new concepts and practices with the integration of Medical Therapeutic Yoga and Pilates into rehabilitation prescriptions, sexual medicine, and strategies for healing pain and trauma.

The contributors have a wealth of clinical experience, from pediatrics to geriatrics, and the client care focus is with manual therapy, exercise, education, and compassion based treatment. Physical therapy, Yoga and Pilates are woven together to provide evidence based platforms for health care intervention for pelvic pain, bladder and bowel dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual medicine, and trauma sensitive care. Medical professionals as well as body workers, fitness trainers and community educators can glean critical health care knowledge as well as strategies for teamwork for client care. Health conditions pertaining to the pelvis are often under recognized, disregarded by most medical practitioners, and suffered in silence, humiliation and shame by most clients. The text will support global health care education and empowerment regarding pelvic health conditions and conservative care options. The text is integrative in considering the biopsychosocial model as well as current medical standards in pelvic rehabilitation treatment, as well as health promotion with nutrition and supplements.

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