Numerical Methods For Elliptic Problems With Singularities: Boundary Mtds And Nonconforming Combinatn


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This book presents two kinds of numerical methods for solving elliptic boundary value problems with singularities. Part I gives the boundary methods which use analytic and singular expansions, and Part II the nonconforming methods combining finite element methods (FEM) (or finite difference methods (FDM)) and singular (or analytic) expansions. The advantage of these methods over the standard FEM and FDM is that they can cope with complicated geometrical boundaries and boundary conditions as well as singularity. Therefore, accurate numerical solutions near singularities can be obtained. The description of methods, error bounds, stability analysis and numerical experiments are provided for the typical problems with angular, interface and infinity singularities. However, the approximate techniques and coupling strategy given can be applied to solving other PDE and engineering problems with singularities as well. This book is derived from the author's Ph. D. thesis which won the 1987 best doctoral dissertation award given by the Canadian Applied Mathematics Society.

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