Nuclear & High Energy Physics

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This book is a collection of 20 contemporary research articles which offer an overview of the recent progress in the modelling of fundamental interactions, nuclear structures, stellar nucleosynthesis and non-baryonic matter. The first part of the book is focused mainly on hadron interactions and nuclear structure modelling. It starts with a review of lattice quantum chromodynamics (QCD) methods for the study of hadron interactions, then, proceeds to more specific topics such as the study of the symmetry energy in nuclear density functional theory; the alpha-cluster model of nuclei; spin dynamics and heavy-ion reactions at low and intermediate energies. The second part of the book is focused on the domain of nuclear astrophysics. It reviews the tools, methods and data available for the study of stellar nucleosynthesis, including the calculation of electron capture cross sections. It continues further by discussing the use of neutron stars for determining bounds on the Higgs-Kretschmann coupling, neutrino oscillations experiments, reviewing sterile neutrinos as a potential solution to neutrino masses, the baryon asymmetry, and the dark matter problems. Finally, the last two chapters provide a status of the ongoing experiments and future prospects of observing gravitational quantum states as well as a discussion on how, at the Planck scale, the unification of quantum haplodynamics (QHD), chromodynamics, and electrodynamics couplings could explain the dark energy of the universe.

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