National Gallery Technical Bulletin: Volume 39, Giovanni Bellini's Painting Technique

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Giovanni Bellini (active c. 1459; died 1516) was one of the most innovative and influential painters of the Venetian Renaissance and was among the first Italian artists to paint in oil, rather than the more traditional medium of egg tempera. This special edition of the National Gallery Technical Bulletin offers a revelatory in-depth investigation of Bellini's technique, and how it evolved over more than five decades, through an examination of the artist's works in the National Gallery's collection. With twelve focused entries on specific paintings, including masterpieces such as The Agony in the Garden and Doge Leonardo Loredan , this volume is full of new and exciting discoveries that expand our understanding of Bellini's painting practice. In addition, there is an account of the long and challenging restoration of The Assassination of Saint Peter Martyr and an introductory essay that places Bellini's technical achievements in the context of Venetian painting of the 15th century, including his early training with his father, Jacopo; his working relationship with his brother, Gentile, and brother-in-law, Andrea Mantegna; and the practices of Giovanni's own workshop.

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