Multistate Systems Reliability Theory with Applications

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Most books in reliability theory are dealing with a description of component and system states as binary: functioning or failed. However, many systems are composed of multi-state components with different performance levels and several failure modes. There is a great need in a series of applications to have a more refined description of these states, for instance, the amount of power generated by an electrical power generation system or the amount of gas that can be delivered through an offshore gas pipeline network. This book provides a descriptive account of various types of multistate system, bound-for multistate systems, probabilistic modeling of monitoring and maintenance of multistate systems with components along with examples of applications. Key Features: * Looks at modern multistate reliability theory with applications covering a refined description of components and system states. * Presents new research, such as Bayesian assessment of system availabilities and measures of component importance. * Complements the methodological description with two substantial case studies. Reliability engineers and students involved in the field of reliability, applied mathematics and probability theory will benefit from this book.

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