Modern Art in Africa, Asia and Latin America: An Introduction to Global Modernisms

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Shedding fresh light on modern art beyond the West, this text introduces readers to artists, art movements, debates and theoretical positions of the modern era that continue to shape contemporary art worldwide. Area histories of modern art are repositioned and interconnected towards a global art historiography. * Provides a much-needed corrective to the Eurocentric historiography of modern art, offering a more worldly and expanded view than any existing modern art survey * Brings together a selection of major essays and historical documents from a wide range of sources * Section introductions, critical essays, and documents provide the relevant contextual and historiographical material, link the selections together, and guide the reader through the key theoretical positions and debates * Offers a useful tool for students and scholars with little or no prior knowledge of non-Western modernisms * Includes many contrasting voices in its documents and essays, encouraging reader response and lively classroom discussion * Includes a selection of major essays and historical documents addressing not only painting and sculpture but photography, film and architecture as well.

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