Medical Terminology With Case Studies in Sports Medicine

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Medical Terminology With Case Studies in Sports Medicine, Second Edition is a fun, easy-to-read resource written specifically for allied health students. The text provides interesting facts in an easy-to-remember format with the help of two companions, a pirate skeleton named Skully and his trusty pirate dog, Bean.

Dr. Katie Walsh Flanagan presents the Second Edition in three main sections to help facilitate learning in a simple, non-intimidating way. Section I is an introduction to medical terminology and contains principles of word building, body organization, medical abbreviations and therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. Section II is organized by each body system which is presented as an island (for example, the cardiovascular system is represented as Cardio Island). Skully and Bean bring the common prefixes and suffixes with them as they add the unique terms of each body system and create new words related to the chapter. Section III contains appendices for specialized areas that students may be interested in exploring, but are not contained in-depth in any chapter.

Unique features of the Second Edition:
*Fun, colorful, and easy-to-read learning resource that is color-coded to facilitate learning
*Over 300 images throughout the book to assist learning
*Tear-out Learning Activities are found at the end of each chapter
*In Section II, chapters include case studies with problem solving attributes associated with the body systems and the chapter's specific terms
*A color-coded glossary to find word parts quickly
*Appendices with information on ICD/CPT Coding, Pharmacology Terms and listing attributes of various Medical Professionals are included
*Instructor's materials include PowerPoint slides and test bank questions

Instructors in educational settings can visit for additional materials to be used for teaching in the classroom.

Pick up Medical Terminology With Case Studies in Sports Medicine, Second Edition and join Skully and Bean as they travel from island to island (body system to body system) in this easy-to-read, colorful, invaluable, and fun resource for all allied health students.

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