Legal Issues in Professional Hockey: National and International Dimensions

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This volume is the third in an ongoing project on the legal regulation of athletics. It consists of a set of research essays on a variety of legal issues facing professional hockey. The contributors are a distinguished group of academics and practitioners who have long focused their intellectual efforts on the legal governance of professional and amateur athletics. And this is a much needed addition to the law literature both in the United States as well as internationally.

Professional hockey, unlike other North American professional sports, has multiple international dimensions. This work provides a thorough, needed and up-to-date discussion of the application of criminal, tort, labor, and tax law in matters dealing with hockey by enlisting key legal scholars, academics and practicing attorneys and solicitors who are widely recognized in their specific fields. The volume also presents a sophisticated analysis of the economics of the National Hockey League (NHL). Since hockey as a professional sport is expanding and developing internationally, this work is a timely contribution to the legal aspects of its existence and development.

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